The EDIFF online festival has finished for 2023.

See you next October (21st - 27th 2024)

for more amazing indie dance films!

The 2023 Official Selection films were:

Music Video

Yar (friend) - Fran Menchon

Moth - Kate Weare, Jack Flame Sorokin

Do You Believe Me Now? - Austin Jaye

Home Grown in the South West

The Dance Weavers - From the Boards to the Earth - Nikki Northover

M is for Crow - Robert Mennear

The Dance Weavers - Freedom Connection - Nikki Northover

SHADE - Poppy Payne

Shamanic Journey - Julian Konczak

Earth Incantations - Ruth Bell


Looking for Loïe - Tuulia Soininen

Hybris I - Corentin Kopp, Aaron Arnoldt Alexander

Still Life - 'Interitus' / 'Tabeo' / 'Vanitas' - Ryan Renshaw

What's Bred in the Blood and Bone - Robin M Gee

The Dance After the Last Dance - Candice Holdorf

Asphyxia - Aidan Yau

Onus - Jo Cork

She Dreamt Alone - Nina McNeely

Brave Steps - Wilma Casal


The creative spark that follows saying "I don't know" - Glen MacKay

La Solitude - Ben Sellick

Gaps in the Light - Abi Mortimer, Carrie Whitaker, Garry Crystal

Beyond - Shubhangi Acharya, Sugandh Lamba

Morning - Holly Wilder

Herbarium - Iwona Pasińska

Beast - Iwona Pasińska

Those Last Few Weeks - Megan Chu

Endless - Isaac McInnes

This is Us - Luca Silvestrini, Alice Underwood

Undercover - Omer Ben David

Blinkered - Patrick Carelsz

SISTER - Quinn Wharton

Short Short

The Weaver - Aly Rose

Our Own Ghosts - Aimee McDonald

Sisters' Table - Aimee McDonald

Dirty Secrets - Prathiba Natesan Batley

Tomba Brion - Mark Freeman

Entanglement - Nuno Alexandre Serrão

čišɛt - Cameron Fraser-Monroe

Unveiled - Fynn Isar Roovers

By The Sea - Edd Arnold

Retrieval Loop - Thomas Ellis


Reading the Body: Recovery - Danielle Ofri

Shapes of Aether - Elias Benedikt Choi-Buttinger

LAYERS - Rose Sutton

ENGE - Clara Rosa Hilscher

UHOLDEAK - Olatz Larunbe, Bárbara Fernández

Amorange - An Emotional Illusion in Orange - Nona Siepmann

Charged - Daniel Gwirtzman

Ghosts in the Machines - Garry Stewart

A Butterfly Is Knocking on the Window - Mohammad Hasani

Becoming - Anabella Lenzu

Sueño de Obsidiana (Obsidian Dream) - Scotty Hardwig, Claudia Lavista

Alkis - Ūla Rubaževičiūtė

SCRUPUS - Timo Paris

Cornerboy - Kai Kurve

how to outline grief - Kym McDaniel

seCURE - Zoé Kugler, Jana Dünner


Fidget - Keisha Tonte Njoku

The Machines - Publik Universal Frxnd

ADUMU - Steve Woods

Transparent - Siobhan Davies

Dancing with reality - Sylvain ELFASSY

Para onde você quer ir? | Where do you want to go? - Julia Menna Barreto

Dancing with Dementia - Elaine Harvey

Dancing Without Steps: The Art of Improvisation with Margaret Beals - Adriana Davis, Margaret Beals

Impossible Image - Karen Pearlman

Eyes Wide Open - Floris-Jan van Luyn

Es movimiento (It's movement) - Javier Duch

Danceable - Kelsey McGee

The Language You Show Me - Henrike Gesa Dannemann