EDIFF 2024 is generously supported by the Abderrahim Crickmay charitable settlement.

The Abderrahim Crickmay Charitable Settlement was set up in 1991 by photographer Anthony Crickmay in memory of Abdou Doulaki who was his partner in life until his untimely death in 1982. https://www.abderrahimcrickmay.com/

EDIFF 2024 is generously sponsored by Coralive

Coralive is a Swiss & Maldives-based environmental organization, passionate for the ocean, operating worldwide to help protect, manage and especially restore coastal ecosystems. Our work includes restoring large areas of heavily degraded coral reefs, mangrove forests and shorelines, managing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), conducting long-term environmental monitoring, creating livelihood solutions for coastal communities, and pairing all efforts with tailored environmental education programs. In each of our projects, we collaborate with local stakeholders from grassroot organizations to the private sector and governmental bodies to achieve long-lasting results. We recognize the value of passing on knowledge and experience to activate communities and empower the next generation to invest in a sustainable future. www.coralive.org